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Raku Bottle Neck Vase - Wine Stripe

Raku Bottle Neck Vase - Wine Stripe

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White bottle neck raku vase.  Amazing crackle effect on the white areas. Beautiful irridescent wine colored stripe design that wraps around from the bottom of the piece all the way to the top. The vase is decorative and can't hold water due to the raku pottery process. In the photos of the two vases, this one is the taller one.





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11" length x 5" width

Care Instructions

Raku pieces are not dishwasher or food safe. Wipe to dust clean with damp cloth.

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Raku Collection

In raku, pottery is removed from the kiln when red hot. It is cooled rapidly, often with combustable materials causing it to catch fire in an enclosed space. Then the oxygen is reduced and the most amazing unique results come to surface. Due to the porous nature of the pieces, they are decorative and not meant to hold water.